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Hi everybody!

We are happy to announce the start of a new blog that will feature Data Science activities in India. These can be accessed and subscribed to at https://acm-datascience-blog.blogspot.com.

The objective of the blog is to provide a platform for all those working in the area of Data Science - as researchers, educators, practitioners and policy makers to share ideas, opinions and activities undertaken across different organizations in India leading to better awareness and networking.  
Everyone is invited to contribute.
It may take at most a week for the blog to appear as it is moderated by a steering committee of the following members:
·         S. Sudarshan - IIT Bombay
·         Jayant Haritsa - IISc
·         B. Ravindran – IIT Madras
·         Manish Gupta – Videoken India
·         Shourya Roy - Amex
·         Anand Deshpande – Persistent Systems
·         Lipika Dey - TCS Research

Some guidelines for blog posts are:
·         It may feature research or entrepreneurial activities undertaken by practitioners in India.  The article should have proper references. It should be written in simple English.
·         It should not be rehash of technical papers or tutorials on teaching Data Science.
·         It can be a post from organizers about upcoming innovative activities calling for wider participation by Indians
·         Please email your articles within 1000 words to datascience-blog@india.acm.org   with “Contribution to Datascience Blog” as the subject. Please mention your full name, address / affiliation in full in the body of the email.

Looking forward to interesting interactions.

Lipika Dey
TCS Research & Innovations


  1. Wonderful initiative. We have been in this field for the last 31 years and 16 years in applications of Data Science to banking and finance.

  2. Its wonderful idea to have Data Science Blog, We have Data Center and doing some research there. I hope we will be contributing our thoughts and research-outcomes here.

  3. What are different types of algorithms od Data science?
    Give it list if possible.

  4. Hi! Thanks for starting this blog on data science. But it is not clear how to subscribe to this blog. Can you please guide us regarding the subscription?

    1. Subscription is now possible. Please click on Subscribe Button shown on top of page.

  5. A great initiative. I am sure the data science community will benefit a lot from this.

    A particular use of this blog can be to share experiences with data science. While the final paper only contains the success story, a lot of blind alleys and sweat are never mentioned. Sharing those experiences can help others not to pursue the same line, or to discuss whether the method could have worked with some modifications.

    Arnab Bhattacharya
    IIT Kanpur

  6. 14th IFIP TC9 Human Choice and Computers Conference:
    “Human-Centric Computing in a Data-Driven Society”
    Tokyo, Japan, 9th-11th September 2020
    We are looking for volunteers from India to be on the Programme Committee.
    Contact: Dr. T V Gopal ;

    1. I am happy to become volunteer: You can contact me by using following

  7. Great initiative. I hope it will reflect the the state of data science education in India. Congratulations and best luck.

  8. Great initiative, Congratulations


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